You may have heard of 'Solid State Drives'. They are basically hard drives that use electronic chips for storage instead of spinning disks. They are robust (no more crashed drives from bumping into your computer) and VERY fast. They can drastically reduce boot times and allow programs to start with blazing speed, even on slower computers. This is a laptop that had a new SSD installed. It's NOT a super fast computer – it's actually an entry level/value model (Athlon II Dual Core 2.1 GHz). Just watch how fast it boots and is completely ready for use in less than 30 seconds. If the smaller size of SSDs is a problem because you have lots of music and/or photos, a hybrid drive is the answer. Almost all the SSD performance with tons of storage capacity.

IT Xpress can do these upgrades same day and for approximately $200-$250 including parts depending on the hard drive chosen. You won't believe how fast programs start and windows switch! Turbo boost your computer today!