What if your PC could boot in under a minute thanks to a straightforward upgrade? Seagate's 'hybrid' hard drives combine the lightning fast speed of a 'Solid State Drive' with the storage capacity of a normal hard drive. A recent customer saw their boot time drop from 3 minutes to 45 seconds!!! Applications start MUCH faster. And unlike solid state drives, which require Windows 7 or higher, these hybrid drives work with ANY operating system, even Windows XP! IT Xpress can do this upgrade for you, often the same day! Drop your system off before 10AM and we'll usually have the upgrade complete by 4PM! (Call first to check on drive availability). This is not a 'reinstall'. Your programs, settings, and data stay the same!

See the difference an SSHD can make for your computer! SSHD Upgrades cost $99 plus the cost of the drive. At current prices:

Laptops: 500GB – $198, 1TB – $248 (plus tax)
Desktops: 1TB – $224, 2TB – $278 (plus tax)

Actual prices may vary as drive prices do.

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