We're getting asked by many clients if they should upgrade to Windows 10 now that Microsoft has pushed 'alert' icons to every Windows 7/8 user. Our recommendation is yes, but not right now…

Windows 7 and 8 are solid operating systems that work well. The biggest complaint about Windows 8 is no Start Menu and default desktop. But you can get that back by installing ClassicShell (http://classicshell.net). Just uncheck the Classic IE and Explorer options during installation and Windows 8 will feel just like Windows 7. Upgraded to any operating system right when it comes out can be problamatic. Better to let it be installed by early adopters for a few months. If you own a business and Windows 7 or 8 are working for you? Stick with them as they're fully supported. 

Eventually you SHOULD upgrade to Windows 10, but for most people – you can probably wait until the end of the year or sometime next year. Windows 10 does not offer any 'must have' features that Windows 7 or 8 lack (besides bringing a Start Menu back that's not very easy to use).

Still want Windows 10 but are worried you might have issues? We can do the upgrade for you (after the WIn 10 July 29th release) AND tuneup your system. All for $99. Call (336-525-5005) or email ([email protected])!