We just had to break the bad news to two of our clients that their systems had been infected with the CryptoLocker virus, which encrypted MANY of their files (pictures, documents, etc.) and that if they paid a $300-$1000 ransom they MIGHT be able to get them back (which we don't recommend doing). We can clean the virus off, but once the files are encrypted – without a backup system in place – the files are gone. This threat is VERY real, even if you have anti-virus software installed (which ironically when it cleans off the virus – wipes out a critical file needed to decrypt your files if you pay the ransom).

If you are using a computer today that has ANY amount of data on it you can't do without, you NEED to have a sound strategy in place to not only protect against infection, but also to protect your data. An external drive is NOT enough (they'll encrypt that too).

Our My ITXpert Premier customers not only get preventative maintenance and support, they also get award winning anti-virus AND secure offline backup to protect their data from this type of threat.

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