We have recently seen a huge spike in 'link mails' – those emails from friends that contain a single link. This link is usually to a site hosting malware and viruses. These are usually sent from real email accounts that hackers have compromised. This article gives you some tips on how to regain control of your email account and then links to specific steps for each major service. This is NOT an instant process, so expect it to take some time. But if you believe your account has been compromised – this can be one of the most dangerous situations imaginable online because with access to your main email account, hackers can reset passwords on all sorts of online accounts. Even if you reset your password, hackers can do things that keep them 'linked in' to your account to take control again (Secondary email, linked cellphone, etc). If you believe your account has been compromised and aren't sure how to regain control, we can help! We've helped dozens of people get their online life back. And once you do regain control of your account, you absolutely should enable 'Two Factor Authentication', which can help avoid account hijacking. Share with your friends!