We get asked often by users how they got a virus, when they don't go to 'those sites'. Years ago, many viruses were spread primarily on porn and gambling sites. But in recent years the bulk of the 'exposure' comes from legitimate websites that have been compromised. Hackers will hide attack code on a legitimate website and it stays there until the site owner realizes it is there. Every user who visits will be exposed to potential infection. As this recent hack shows, even huge sites with dedicated support teams can be compromised, exposing hundreds of thousands of people to infection. So any website you visit could potentially be a threat. Always make sure you install updates when prompted and if any popup windows appear in your browser that you didn't expect – don't click ANY buttons – only click the red X to close the window. If it won't go away, restart your computer.

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NBC.com Hacked, And May Have Given Visitors Malware
The website NBC.com was hacked Thursday and security experts warn that visitors to the site may have infected their computers with malicious software. "We identified the problem and are working to resolve it," an NBC spokeswoman told The Huffington Post.