We are seeing a lot of people with compromised email accounts. If your friends/co-workers tell you they are getting emails with just a link in them, your email account has been compromised. Most likely it is not a computer virus, but rather a hacker who has gained control of your email account online. They will often change your password to lock you out them spam people using your account. This can be VERY bad if your email address gets added to spam blacklists. ISPs can help you if you use their email systems, but if you use Yahoo, Google, AOL, Hotmail, etc. you’ll need to fill out a series of online forms to try and regain control of your account – but the hackers likely have done things that will let them continue to access your account. If you think your email acct has been compromised, we can help you regain access, strengthen your account security, and ensure the hackers cannot regain access after you change your password. Don’t give up that email address you’ve had for years – take it back with our help!