Virus infections today are VERY complex – many can 'fool' your Windows Anti-Virus (Norton, McAfee, Security Essentials, etc) by faking data returned from the hard drive. The only way to REALLY ensure you are virus free is an 'offline' virus scan where the anti-virus program runs off a CD or USB Flash drive, scanning your entire hard drive. At IT Xpress, we recommend the award winning Bitdefender AV suite, and any systems we service get scanned with their excellent offline scanner. Our upper tier My ITXpert customers ( get Bitdefender included!

Want to make sure your PC is really 'clean'? Bring it in for a physical cleaning (dirt and dust clog heatsinks and slow systems down. We'll clean it inside AND outside) and we'll do a deep offline virus scan. Depending when you drop your system off, you'll generally get it back the same day – often within a few hours. We guarantee it'll be done within 24 hours or the cleaning is free! All for $35! Like if your computer could use a good cleaning and share with your friends!!