This type of hack is becoming more and more common. When a system is compromised, the virus encrypts all of your data and holds it ransom (in this case for $325+). Of course just because you pay the money – you have no assurance they'll give you what you need to decrypt your files.

The best way to protect yourself against an attack like this? Backup your data daily. Either to an external hard drive (using a backup program as a simple copy could fall victim to this attack), an off site backup service like BackBlaze (, or both! And while it is no guarantee you'll stay virus free, having an IT expert handling many day to day maintenance tasks for your PC can help keep you secure and safe (

Share with your friends – the hackers are not sitting back hoping FBI warnings will earn them a living. They are getting more and more creative (and destructive). Like if you've installed a security update recently!

Russian ransomware takes advantage of Windows PowerShell
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