This is not a smart move by Microsoft… When they first announced you could upgrade to Windows 8 for $40, that put them in line with Apple's upgrade cost and people thought that was a good price point for the upgrade, especially given how 'different' Windows 8 is. But after this month, you're looking at $120 to upgrade a personal PC and $200 to upgrade a business PC. Add in the cost of having someone do it for you, and it will cost almost as much as buying a new computer!!! So if you considered upgrading your existing PC to Windows 8, you'll need to do so before Feb 1st to take advantage of the $40 license pricing. IT Xpress can do these upgrades as well for an additional $90-$149 depending on your current operating system.

Maximum PC
Windows 8 has tons of post-sale revenue potential, so is $200 too much to ask?