This is just unreal. What would you do if you laptop, phone, and most key accounts just went dead? Through a clever social engineering hack – someone used two companies support system in concert to gain access to this guy's entire life. The key take away is this – if you use GMail or PayPal or Facebook and aren't using two-factor authentication – you need to enable it. ESPECIALLY email – which is your lifeline and the key to resetting passwords across your life. Other services that don't support two factor auth… reconsider using them if they're that important. And remote wipe is a GREAT feature, but this outlines how dangerous it is. Read the account (linekd in the article) of how this all went down and how one by one this guys devices just suddenly stopped working.

Apple and Amazon Know About a Massive Hack Exploit—And Have Done Nothing (Updated)
Gizmodo alumnus Mat Honan got hacked this weekend. It was bad. But that's not the worst part. Worse is that Apple knows exactly how easy this is, and hasn't done a thing to stop it.