The Microsoft Support scammers are changing tactics, and one tactic is bad… First – Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc will NOT call you about a virus on your computer. They also will not popup a message like this for you to call them. The goal of this scam is to get you to click on a program that lets them login to your computer, run a 'scanner' and show you 'all the viruses' (it's fake). Then they try to sell you a $500 support plan or license 'renewal' (Windows is expired – you need to pay to renew it – again fake). Even worse is what a client shared with us recently: After she'd followed the scammers directions to run their remote access software – the scammer knew she wasn't biting, so he launched a segment of their malware that brought up the webcam, obviously showing the user on the screen and said "This is what the hackers can see right now. You need to let us fix this.". Thankfully the user shut the laptop and brought it to us.

Don't be lured in by these scams and please share among your family and friends so they don't fall for this VERY successful scam. Plus a little black electrical tape over a webcam works wonders if you don't use it!

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