Ten Things To Remove From Any PC: 'Junkware' gets installed accidentally all the time. It can slow down your computer, track everywhere you go online, and reduce the size of your usable browser window. Here are ten common spyware/junkware/malware packages any PC user should remove:

10 – MyWebSearch
9- FunWeb
8 – Conduit
7- Rebate Informer
6 – DealIO
5 – ShopToWin
4 – Ask.com
5 – ShopAtHome
4 – TopRebates
3 – Babylon
2 – RecipeHub
1 – ANY browser toolbar (you can search directly in every browser)

Malwarebytes and Spybot Search & Destroy do a good job finding all these unwanted programs. Like if you've scanned for junkware recently and share with your friends!