Ten Security Issues Small Businesses Face…

Having a dedicated IT person is a luxury most small businesses can't afford. Yet in today's hostile online environment, it's more important than ever to keep your business secure… Here are some common security issues we've found with small business clients:

1) Open or insecure WiFi networks. If your WiFi is not using WPA2 encryption, your network is vulnerable to outside attack.
2) Not locking accessible computers. Leaving your computer unlocked on the counter while you help a customer allows someone else to install malware/control software in a matter of seconds. Always lock your computer (Window+L is a handy keyboard shortcut) when you leave it.
3) Shared drives. We often see businesses with multiple computers sharing the entire C: drive on their network instead of individual folders. Many malware attacks will scan a network for ANY accessible folder and infect, or worse, encrypt them. Only share folders you NEED access to and only give write access if necessary.
4) Expired Antivirus. Free antivirus programs are OK, but paid versions provide much better overall security. You have to renew the license annually. If it expires, you won't get any new virus signature updates, or worse the program will completely deactivate.
5) Password Post It Notes. It's one thing to have a password on your monitor in an office that's locked when you aren't there. But many people put vital passwords (bank accounts!) on a post it note that can be seen easy if a 'customer' peers around the monitor when you are distracted. Use a password manager instead.
6) No backups. Many business rely on Quickbooks and their company file is their lifeline. If you're infected by an encryption virus or you suffer a hard drive failure – you could lose EVERYthing. External drive backups are not enough as encryption viruses will attack those too. Only offsite backups can protect you completely.
7) Not using two factor authentication or strong challenge…