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Many of us rely on our computers everyday for vital communication, paying bills, managing a business, and more. Much like an automobile, we need our computers to ‘work’ every day. Yet like an automobile, they can slow down over time and run sluggish. Yet most people think it’s just because their computer is old that it’s so slow. It could be a virus infection, too many unused programs installed, outdated system drives, disk fragmentation, or much more.

So bring your computer into IT Xpress every 6-12 months and let us tune it up. Or consider getting our My ITXpert service and we’ll keep your system tuned up all year long! We can make sure your system is running at peak performance, detect potential problems when they are minor before they become major, and ensure your system is secure and running smoothly.

Not all optimization services are the same! There are all sorts of PC optimization services out there. Some places offer to do it remotely with a simple tool, offer a program you can buy to run, or in store services that can be completed in a day or less. We guarantee these services are not getting your PC to peak performance. Our extensive TuneUp services include a number of steps the others lack, but they do take longer (often 2-5 days depending on the age/speed of the computer and extent of any virus infection). But when you get your system back – you can rest assured that it’s performing at it’s best. So if you’re considering someone else’s service – ask them if they provide all of the items listed below and compare.

PC TuneUp+ – $99 (In Store Only)

This service includes the following services:

  • Clean and Vacuum System
  • Full Hard Drive Diagnostic Test and Surface Scan
  • Hard Drive SMART Test
  • Hard Drive File Cleanup
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation (using more advanced tools than those that come with your system)
  • 6-8 Different Rootkit/Spyware/Virus Scans
  • Remove Toolbars, Search Hijacks, and bad start pages
  • Browser Security Tests/Audit
  • Windows Security/Firewall Audit
  • Upgrade many common applications
  • Repair and run Full Windows Update (security updates!)
  • Windows Baseline Analysis
  • Install/Upgrade Firefox & Chrome Web Browser
  • Remove Orphan and Unused Drivers/Service
  • Clean All Optical Drives
  • Update All Hardware Drivers (improves stability)
  • Perform a Process and Log Audit (looking for well hidden malware the scans missed)
  • Perform System Vulnerability Scan
  • Full Memory Test w/Advanced Memory Scan Tools
  • Clean & Optimize Registry
  • Audit Startup Programs – Remove Unnecessary Entries

When you get your computer back from IT Xpress, it will be exceptionally clean and running at peak performance! We apply our decades of IT experience to ensuring your system is also secure and stable!

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