Ransomware is becoming more and more common. When your system is infected, it encrypts all of your data (pictures, email, Office documents) and then demands a ransom of a few hundred dollars in order to decrypt your files. Backup to an external drive? It'll encrypt that too, if it's connected. The only way to really protect yourself from something like this is to use an online backup tool like Backblaze (http://goo.gl/z5SDt) or a cloud service like Sugarsync (http://goo.gl/zkQ0I), Google Drive, etc that support file versioning (ie you can retrieve previous versions of a file). And, of course, use a strong anti-virus program (our My ITXpert service http://itxpress.biz/services/my-itxpert/ provides the award winning Bitdefender AV suite). Stay safe and have a great July 4th!

Russian ransomware takes advantage of Windows PowerShell
What's a reasonable price to pay to get your data safely returned to you from the guys who stole it? How about 10,000 Rubles? No? According to the cybercriminals behind this new ransomware ta…