Please share this with all your friends and family! Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc WILL NOT CALL YOU to say your computer is malfunctioning. This is a SCAM. When you click on their webpage, they're able to login to your computer and they'll run a fake program making it look like your computer is broken and needs help. For $299, they'll 'fix it'. Worse – once you let them in, many will lock you out of your computer, claiming your 'Windows license has expired so they were required by law to lock you out'. Once you pay the $299, they'll unlock it.

THIS IS A SCAM! While many legitimate IT companies, including IT Xpress, offer service contracts for your computer, we will NEVER call you posing as someone we're not.

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Please share this!!! We have systems brought into our shop almost weekly by people who have fallen for this. The scam artists are VERY good and VERY convincing.