It really can be a shock to realize your GMail account has stronger security than your bank account. But in most cases it does. Banks are slow to strengthen security because it costs $$$

"In other words, the banks aren't doing more because they don't have to. And so as long as they maintain zero-loss guarantees against fraud, and the amount lost to fraud remains relatively small compared to their deep pockets, the banks won't do anything more to protect you."

Two-factor authentication is not infallible, but it makes it much harder for a criminal to gain access to your account (or attempt to do so undetected). The danger is very real, especially for small businesses. If hackers gain access to your account and transfer/wire funds out – you generally cannot get those funds back. Unlike credit card fraud. This is why it is so important that your accounts AND computers be secure. Worried about your computer and network security? IT Xpress can help! Call us today at 336-525-5005 for your free business security audit!

Here's Why Your Bank Account Is Less Secure Than Your Gmail
When I log into gmail, the system texts me a one-time key which I use to verify that it's me trying to get in and not some jerk who got my login info from a password dump. You'd think my bank would have the same level of protection to make sure bad guys can't get a good whiff of my money. Nope.