Hackers are doing everything they can to compromise financial security measures. In this case they've infected smartphones to intercept txt messages so they can bypass 2 factor authentication. Never install apps from places other than the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Review some of the reviews to make sure it has many consistent high ratings, and running an antivirus program is not a bad idea. They tend to stay in the background and only wake up when apps are updated/installed or you use a web browser. We recommend BitDefender's Mobile Antivirus which will provide you with detailed info about each application and what type of information it collects/accesses

Android Botnet Targets Middle East Banks — Krebs on Security
I recently encountered a botnet targeting Android smartphone users who bank at financial institutions in the Middle East. The crude yet remarkably effective mobile bot that powers this whole operation comes disguised as one of several online banking apps, has infected more than 2700 phones, …