Even though Microsoft will tell you Windows 7 is the safest Windows yet, you are still at risk. We are seeing a LOT of Win 7 and Vista computers coming in this week that are not only infected, but are *severely damaged*, often requiring complete Windows reinstalls (you save your data but lose your programs). Our usual tools are *not* working well to remove these infections and it's making it harder (and more expensive) to backup user data before a reinstall because of the damage. PLEASE make sure your anti virus is up to date AND you keep Windows, Java, and all Adobe products up to date. And if you are browsing and a window unexpectedly pops up with buttons (even Cancel or No) *don't click them* Only click the Red X and if that doesn't work restart or power off your computer to reboot it. Like if you are updated and share with your friends to help them stay safe online!

Windows XP is still Microsoft’s biggest security headache, but infections are rising on Windows 7
The rate of infection ticked up for Windows 7 in the first half of 2012, but Windows XP, Microsoft’s legacy operating system, is still far and away the biggest security headache for Redmond.