Does your laptop get REALLY hot? Does the fan seem to stay on all the time? (and it seems to have gotten louder?). Something like this part is all that keeps your laptop from melting. The copper plate sits on 1 or 2 chips inside and transmits the heat to that tiny little heatsink. With such narrow fins, that heatsink will trap dust, dirt, hair, pet dander, and more in no time. As it does, airflow is drastically reduced and the laptop cannot cool itself properly. So after it maxes out the fan speed, if it still can't cool properly, it slows itself down to prevent damage – which means it'll run slower. So it's important to have your laptop serviced annually and make sure heatsink cleaning is part of that service.

All laptops tuned up at IT Xpress have their cooling systems thoroughly cleaned as part of the service. Just $99 for a complete tuneup!