Chromebooks have been limited mainly to tiny 11" laptops. With 'normal' sized Chromebooks hitting the market, and ChromeOS getting more enterprise features with every release, this is a huge threat to Windows dominance. Here at IT Xpress we use Chromeboxes as our main desktops and have never looked back. #noviruses #silentupdates #builtinbackup Wondering if a Chromebox or Chromebook is right for you? Stop by and we'll help you decide!

OMG! Chrome!:

Acer is set to launch the world's first 15.6" Chromebook in March.

According to our sources, the Acer C910 Chromebook will come in variants featuring a paltry 1366×768 or roomier 1920×1080 resolution and with options for Broadwell-based Celeron or Core i3 processors.

Acer Will Launch World’s First 15.6 Inch Chromebook In March
If you find the 13.3-inch ASUS C300 Chromebook too small, and think HP's 14-inch whopper isn't roomy enough, here's some news that should please.