Another day, another serious exploit – this time in Adobe Flash (the software the powers videos in YouTube, animations/interactive content on many websites, and more). If you use Chrome and have not restarted your browser in a while, do so. This will automatically update Flash for you. If you use IE10/11 – make sure you have the latest Windows Updates installed and restart your computer. Everyone else should make sure they update Flash as soon as prompted (it is supposed to auto update in the background, though lately it has been requiring users manually download the new version – a huge step backward).

My ITXpert clients will see the update pushed out within the next 24 hours. Interested in having our IT Xperts update your systems and keep them secure? See for more details.

Adobe Update Nixes Flash Player Zero Day — Krebs on Security
Adobe Systems Inc. has shipped an emergency security update to fix a critical flaw in its Flash Player software that is currently being exploited in active attacks. The exploits so far appears to target Microsoft Windows users, but updates also are available for Mac and Linux versions of Flash.