All too often old electronics, computers, and cellphones end up in toxic dumps in third world countries. Few recycling programs are setup to ensure 'e-waste' is handled safely without toxic byproducts. Yet even in these toxic dumps, entrepreneurs are making sure many recycled devices get refurbished and reused.

If you have old computers and electronics laying around the house, one of the best programs to utilize is Dell Reconnect ( Dell has an extensive set of policies in place that ensure no toxic materials end up in landfills and no e-waste goes to developing countries. The best part is Goodwill has partnered with them so you can often drop off old computers and such nearby. (Details ->

The Genius Entrepreneurs Who Turn E-Waste Into Usable Products
Young men sitting in the wreckage of a toxic wasteland, children picking through piles of high-tech rubble, women hunched over coils of tangled copper wiring: These are the faces of e-waste, as we know it. A few years ago I started visiting tech dumps around the world, because I wanted…