A number of our clients still use Windows XP and worry what will happen in April 2014 when Microsoft stops 'supporting' it with security updates. This article gives a good overview of what to expect. In short, unless hackers find a MASSIVE security hole in Windows XP, it can be securely used for some time. Some tips that can help keep you safe:

1) Stop using IE (since it too won't be updated) – switch to Chrome or Firefox.
2) Stop using MS Security Essentials antivirus – which also will not be updated after July 2015. Try avast for free protection or get a paid Anti-Virus (we recommend and sell BitDefender).
3) Switch to a 'Limited' account, which can limit the impact of any virus infection. But some software does not work well in limited mode. So experiment.
4) Keep your software updated – this is where most hackers gain access. Bugs in software, not Windows. (Our My ITXpert service is ideal for this http://myitxpert.biz/)



When Windows XP support ends, here's how to keep your PC secure | Expert Reviews