A major security flaw has been discovered in a feature left on by default on most home WiFi routers. Using a tool released today, someone can hack into your WiFi router in a few hours and then often obtain your network password. Until router manufacturers release a fix, almost all routers are vulnerable to this unless they have WPS disabled. However, make sure you aren’t using WPS – if you entered the 8 digit pin off your router to connect to it, you are. Unsure if you are vulnerable or how to secure your router against this new threat? We can help! Just bring your router in to IT Xpress and we can ensure the configuration is secure and it is running the latest version of it’s software.

Home Wi-Fi Routers Vulnerable to Brute-Force Hack | Home Security & Network Intrusions | Cybercrime
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WSP), a protocol for connecting and configuring home wireless networks, can be hacked with a brute-force attack, according to a security researcher. In a proof-of-concept exploit, the researcher took advantage of extra information the target device sent back to the user after …