A common misconception among computer users is that you 'know' when you are infected. The worst virus infections are those so hidden, you think your computer is fine while all sorts of information is collected or you are redirected to sites you didn't intend to visit (that are clones so you think it's fine). The FBI has recently taken down a large criminal enterprise that had millions of PCs referencing bogus Internet information. Curious if your computer might be infected with DNSChanger and if you'll lose Internet connectivity in July? It's easy to check – just use the website linked in this article – you click one link and see green or red. Easy!

The Feds Will Shut off Your Internet If You Don't Clean Your Computer by July 9
When the FBI and Estonian authorities finally crushed the DNSChanger Trojan network in January, they set up a temporary DNS exchange to maintain connectivity for the millions of infected users until they could wipe the bug from their systems.